Welcome to the Skyline Wilderness Park 

 Nestled in the foothills of the beautiful Napa Valley.  We have many activities and features here to help you get back to nature and see part of our valley as nature intended it.  No matter what you came for, be it Trails (Hiking, Horseback or Bikes), The Martha Walker Garden, Disc Golf or just to Picnic. You will be able to relax and enjoy yourself.


Trail Users- Please be aware of the changed trail conditions as you re-acclimate back into the park. 

  • Be aware that although the park is open there are very real hazards.  Trees or limbs may continue to come down.  Very steep slopes coupled with moist soil is causing rocks to tumble. 
  • Be vigilant of falling debris.  Also, the tread has loose rubble hidden under leaves that can be tricky to walk or ride through. 
  • Please be respectful of all signage and remain on marked trails; the trails were made safe for use but hazard trees away from trails were not removed and could fall at anytime.  

If you see something please report it to the kiosk or call the park kiosk 707-252-0481


We are always looking for volunteers!
If you're interested, contact us at info@skylinepark.org.



Toyon Trail & Toyon Creek Trails

Toyon Trail
Toyon Creek Trail

Trail begins at the hikers bypass of Manzanita Trail, elevation 465 ft. trail distance .44 miles.
Drops to elevation 389 ft at point 001, .2 miles at a 10% grade.
Rises to 449 ft. at point 002, .38 miles at a 7% grade.

Toyon Creek
Junction at point 001 of Toyon Trail, elevation 389 ft. trail distance .23 miles.
Drops to creek .03 miles at 22% grade, travel along creek and rises to point 002 elevation 370 ft., .17 miles 7%