I'm pleased to announce on behalf of all of us at Skyline that the park's trail system will reopen to all users on Saturday, January 20th

We'll have free entrance to the park that weekend for all users to celebrate the occasion, and we'll (gently) remind you that fees from park Annual passes and day use directly support the park, so please buy a pass! 

Moreover, enjoy the trails and welcome back!

Trail Users- Please be aware of the changed trail conditions as you re-acclimate back into the park. 

  • Be aware that although the park is open there are very real hazards.  Trees or limbs may continue to come down.  Very steep slopes coupled with moist soil is causing rocks to tumble. 
  • Be vigilant of falling debris.  Also, the tread tread has lose rubble hidden under leaves that can tricky to walk or ride through. 
  • Please be respectful of all signage and remain on marked trails; the trails were made safe for use but hazard trees away from trails were not removed and could fall at anytime.  

If you see something please report it to the kiosk or call the park kiosk 707-252-0481


Looking forward to seeing you on the trails,



Welcome to the Skyline Wilderness Park 

 nestled in the foothills of the beautiful Napa Valley.  We have many activities and features here to help you get back to nature and see part of our valley as nature intended it.  No matter what you came for, be it Trails (Hiking, Horseback or Bikes), The Martha Walker Garden, Disc Golf or just to Picnic. You will be able to relax and enjoy yourself.


We are always looking for volunteers!
If you're interested, contact us at info@skylinepark.org.



Martha Walker Native Habitat Garden


As a memorial to Martha Walker, the Martha Walker Native Habitat Garden in Skyline Park invites visitors to enjoy a unique presentation of flora from all over the State. This 2.5 acre site was constructed to accommodate school groups, garden and hiking clubs and the casual visitor. Here, our native plants are assembled within a garden plan that is not only pleasing to the eye, but also favorable to the plants. Ongoing propagation of native plants from seed and cuttings is conducted at the adjacent Growing Grounds, and the relationship between this propagation center and the garden is an important part of the garden plan.

The garden area is directly north of the Skyline Park Social Hall. It is reached along surfaced paths that are easily accessible to any park visitor. A handicapped parking area is right next to the garden gates, so wheelchair users can roll directly onto the garden paths.

The Garden is designed to emphasize plants found growing within the 850 acres of the park, as well as plants representative of Napa and adjacent counties. Some are gathered from the Sierra, Tehachapi, Santa Lucia and other ranges around the state. The garden is located in the Oak Woodland and Foothill Riparian communities. Nearly 200 species of native flora have been established in 3 groups: (1) Southern and Central Coastal Scrub Community, (2) Northern and Central Scrub Community, (3) North Coastal Coniferous and Redwood Forest Plant Community. Many of the plants are labeled with their botanical and common name, making them easier for visitors to identify.

As the garden project progressed, certain locations were noted as deserving extra attention, to enjoy the view, the flowers or the wild bird activity.


The Napa-Solano Audubon Society members donated fruit trees and other shrubs to attract the birds. As a result, bird nesting activities have been observed throughout the garden. Benches have been placed along the paths to provide some great bird watching! A garden shade-education center was constructed to provide a bird-blind from which the birds can be watched feeding, bathing and generally carrying on their lives, undisturbed by traffic and other hazards. Come visit this truly unique Napa garden! As a place for inspiration and learning, it is one of the few places in Napa where you can view so many native plants and come face to face with the wonderful wildlife that these plants attract.