RV Reservations For BottleRock 2018 SOLD OUT

RV Reservations For BottleRock 2018 SOLD OUT

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RV Reservations For BottleRock 2018 SOLD OUT



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Happy New Year,

After evaluation by a professional forester and nearly three months of work removing several hundred dead or damaged hazard trees from alongside the park's trails by the park's trail crew, professional arborists, and the work of tireless volunteers who donated more than 1000 volunteer hours post-fire,  We're starting to see light at the end of the tunnel.  Almost all the hazard trees have been identified and felled and the damaged wooden retaining structures have been repaired or replaced.  The park's trail network is nearly ready to reopen, and after a final check this week by the forester, we should be able to provide an opening date.  Thanks very much to all the dedicated volunteers who helped repair the fire damage, and to the community for their patience.  We know how difficult it's been to be away from the trail network and we can't wait to let you all back in as soon as the park is safe.  We'll update again after the forester provides his final report.
Andrew Brooks, President, Skyline Park Citizens' Association
Sign up for volunteer trailwork here: 

Check out this great story in the Napa Register about the recovery effort from the Wildfire.



Dear Skyline Park Enthusiasts.

Our beloved Park was looking pretty good on Tues., 10th.  We had thought we would be mostly spared. Unfortunately Cal Fire felt that embers from the fire could start up in out Park.  It would then threaten surrounding areas.  In order to protect the State Hospital and the Napa county Office of Education who we share borders with, Cal Fire needed to set back fires in our upper 800 acres. They set back fires on Wed.  They came back on Thurs. and set more back fires as they said not enough was burned and did more spot fires on Fri.  While some may say that Skyline was a victim of a sacrificial fire, I'd prefer to think of Skyline as being a hero by ensuring the protection of the State Hospital, NCOE and the surrounding neighborhood who was on standby evacuation status. The back fires damaged approximately 600 of our upper 800 acres but were monitored and managed by several fire fighting agencies so that no Skyline embers would reach nearby structures or homes.  In addition, the back fires were slow moving, giving our wildlife a chance to flee so we did not experience the wildlife deaths that were seen evidenced in the Atlas Peak fire years ago.  
Our staff evacuated all campers Mon., the 9th and has remained closed to day use. While Cal Fire requested we close our main gate, we staffed our kiosk from 8 am until 1 am the next morning for the next two weeks.  We answered questions, assured neighbors, watered our vulnerable areas, made our lower 50 acres fire safe, directed fire and police personnel, welcomed fire fighters throughout the day and night with flush toilets, hot showers, a relaxing place for a break, a quiet place to sleep and fresh coffee in the morning.  A bedraggled,  soot faced, exhausted U.S. Forestry fire team came to our gate at midnight the 9th looking for a quiet, dark place to sleep for a few hours.  They had been in our Park earlier that day and knew of our facilities. After I led them to a quiet spot, thanking them for all they were doing for Napa, it seemed so inadequate. This group of men appeared bone tired yet said they were happy to be of service.  Every fire fighter who came through Skyline was professional, focused, polite, caring and humble.  God bless them all. 

Monday, the 6th.

Dear Skyline Park Enthusiasts,


Much was done in the Park last week.  Landscaping improvements were made in the RV Park and the main entrance, our 3 man trail crew went up and cut burned out trees daily on the upper acres.  There were times after they cleared a trail, they would go back only to find more trees down.  So far, they have cleared the Buckeye Trails three separate times.  Wed., Nov. 1st, Battalion Chief Jared Anderson along with three more fire fighters spent 5 hours up on the trails, cutting down large trees that were problematic for our trail crew.  They donated their time to help Skyline with their special skills on their off hours. On Thurs., our Trail Master met with 6 volunteers who were to be crew leaders for the Nov. 4th workday, going up on the trails deciding what was to be done. While the morning of November 4th dawned overcast, the spirits of those volunteers entering the Park were bright and enthusiastic. Everyone was greeted with coffee and donuts. The volunteers were split into two groups.  One group with 20+ people worked around the Park entrance and bathrooms, cleaning up the grounds, moving rocks, marking trails and spreading wood chips and gravel.  The other group of 50+ was sponsored by REI and worked around some of the trails.  They stayed with their crew leaders and did not wander off into unsafe areas.  They worked on all the trees that had been cut down on the Passini Trail.  They distributed cut logs.  They pruned branches off the logs/trees and spread the branches on the barren/burnt earth for erosion control.  Large logs were placed over some of the old "social trails", covering them up for erosion control.  The same work was done on Buckeye Trail and Lower Skyline Trails with different crews. An amazing amount of hard work was done by all volunteers. By 1 pm, it was quitting time. The Trail volunteers were served a burrito lunch by REI in the picnic area.  The grounds volunteers were served a pizza lunch next to the parking lot. Homemade cookies were offered made by a kiosk worker. Everyone left with smiles on their faces, knowing they made a positive contribution to our beloved Park.  If you would like to volunteer, please call our kiosk (252-0481) between 8 am and 5 pm and ask to be put on our volunteer list stating your area of interest.