RV Reservations For BottleRock 2019

Click here for RV Reservations For BottleRock 2019

Our new website will have a lottery for RV spaces.

It will be online January 15th.  Please see the site for up to date information then.  The kiosk does not have any information, so please wait to call.


Skyline Park Citizens’ Association Meeting Date : 1/9/18 7pm,

Skyline Park Social Hall, 2201 Imola Avenue, Napa, CA 94558

Call to Order

1. Approval of November minutes as­emailed

2. TEAM REPORTS (any brief news, ~1min each):

a. President ­

  • Park reopening date set for 1/20.
  • Hikes, rides, party/lunch.
  • Gather volunteers/donations.
  • Membership signups.
  • Free park entry for first weekend?

b. VP ­

c. Treasurer

­ d. Secretary ­

e. Archers ­


­ g. Disc Golf ­ Course condition improving post­fire; still some work to do on the closed portions of the course before it's fully re­opened

h. Bikes

­ i. Horses ­

j. Hikers ­


3. New Business a. Re­establishment of Membership committee

 i. Gather more annual passholders/smooth this process

 ii. Establish pass purchase compliance protocol within the park to ease pressure on park borders while encouraging payment by park users

b. Re­establishment of Communications committee

 i. Inform users/the community of park goings ­on

 ii. “Newsletter” email blast

 iii. Social media

c. Establishment of Trails committee

 i. Comprehensive trails plan

 ii. Fundraising, volunteer management

 iii. Decreases user conflict/increases safety and enhances experience for all users


4. Old Business

a. Post­fire update

b. Benches for Colberts by lower bathrooms

c. Sign for social hall