RV Reservations For BottleRock 2018 SOLD OUT

RV Reservations For BottleRock 2018 SOLD OUT

For Tent Camping reservations information, see the Camp Carneros web site.

RV Reservations For BottleRock 2018 SOLD OUT

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It's time to stock up on drought-tolerant plants to enhance your water-wise garden and restore your landscape while the ground is still moist.

Join us at Skyline Park for the Spring Native Plant Society sale and Wildflower Show from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday, April 14 and 15.

We need to continue to plant drought tolerant native plants that will save water over the years to come and restore habitat lost in the fires for our native bees, butterflies, and other beneficial insects and small mammals.


Matilija Poppy (Romney Coulteri)

 California’s largest wildflower                                 

Over 1,000 hard-to-find native plants, more than 125 species, for shade or sun will be available for sale at Napa’s Skyline Park and ready for planting in your garden, be it large or small, and even in pots on your deck.  Experts will be on hand to answer your questions and to help with plant selection. The rich diversity of California’s native ground covers, grasses, shrubs, and vines will satisfy every gardener’s needs. 

California Lilac (Ceanothus)

The adjacent Martha Walker California Native Habitat Garden, maintained by the Napa Chapter, will be open for you to see the native plants in a landscape setting.  All proceeds from the sale benefit the maintenance, improvement, and educational programs of the Garden and the Napa Chapter. 

The Wildflower Show will display over 200 freshly gathered Napa County wildflower specimens. This is sure to be an interesting year, with pioneer plants emerging after the fire in addition to later blooming wildflowers we haven't seen in prior years' shows.   Don't miss this opportunity to find out what the plants are that you see on your walks or drives around the county.  And join a Wildflower Walk at 10 a.m. or 1:00 p.m.

Skyline Park is located at 2201 Imola Ave, Napa. For more information, go to www.napavalleycnps.org.  Admission to Park is free during the sale and show.


Blue-eyed grass (Sisyrhinchium bellum)

Napa Valley Chapter of the California Native Plant Society is a non-profit organization dedicated to sharing information on native plants.  Our chapter is fortunate to have the Martha Walker Native Habitat Garden in Skyline Park as an educational and public recreational asset.  We offer gardening and habitat opportunities for chapter members and for the public.  Our mission is to promote the natural beauty of California's native plants through education, science, advocacy, horticulture, and land stewardship, with a focus on the critical roles of native plants in the ecology of native fauna, as well as the health and recreation of society. 


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Memorial Day weekend reservations during the BottleRock Music Festival will open for RV camping ONLY on January 15. For RV reservations only, call Skyline at (707) 252-0481 between 8 am and 5 pm.
We are NOT taking tent camping reservations for  Memorial Day weekend. For ALL tent camping reservations and information contact Camp Carneros. They will be taking reservations online at campcarneros.com.