RV Reservations For BottleRock 2019 are CLOSED

Thank you for everyone who signed up for our RV raffle - at this point our online reservation system is closed.  The kiosk does not have any information, so please wait to call.


Happy New Year,

After evaluation by a professional forester and nearly three months of work removing several hundred dead or damaged hazard trees from alongside the park's trails by the park's trail crew, professional arborists, and the work of tireless volunteers who donated more than 1000 volunteer hours post-fire,  We're starting to see light at the end of the tunnel.  Almost all the hazard trees have been identified and felled and the damaged wooden retaining structures have been repaired or replaced.  The park's trail network is nearly ready to reopen, and after a final check this week by the forester, we should be able to provide an opening date.  Thanks very much to all the dedicated volunteers who helped repair the fire damage, and to the community for their patience.  We know how difficult it's been to be away from the trail network and we can't wait to let you all back in as soon as the park is safe.  We'll update again after the forester provides his final report.
Andrew Brooks, President, Skyline Park Citizens' Association
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