RV Reservations For BottleRock 2019

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Our new website will have a lottery for RV spaces.

It will be online January 15th.  Please see the site for up to date information then.  The kiosk does not have any information, so please wait to call.


Skyline and Lower Skyline

Skyline. horizontal trail length 3.34 miles, terrain distance 3.37 miles.
From access road elevation 239 ft, a smooth gradual climb to point 003 to 776 ft over a terrain distance .63 miles, avg grade 16%.
Continuing from point 3 to end, rises to 1010 ft, several ups and downs.

Lower Skyline, horizontal distance .89 miles to junction, terrain distance .9 miles.
From access road, elevation 231 ft, a smooth gradual climb to point 003 to 781 ft, avg grade 13%.

001 is the beginning of Lower Skyline Trail.
002 is the beginning of Skyline Trail.
003 is the junction of Skyline, Lower Skyline and Bay Leaf Trails.
004 is a junction of Buckeye Trail and Passini Road.
005 is a junction of Skyline and Buckeye and will lead down to Lake Marie.
006 is the junction of Rim Rock.