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Marie Creek Trail

Marie Creek

Horizontal distance 1.65 miles. Begin at Marie Creek Road, elevation 364 ft. Gentle rise to point 002, 1.13 miles to elevation 587 ft., 6% grade. From point 002 to peak, .28 miles, smooth rise to elevation 844 ft, 20% grade. Peak to point 003, down and up, .2 miles at an average grade of 11%. Flat from 003 to end.
JCT is junction Manzanita and Rim Rock Trails.
002 is the junction of Lower Marie Creek Trail.
003 is the junction of Chaparral Trail.
Lower Marie Creek
Horizontal distance of .31 miles. Begin at point 002, elevation 584 ft. steady rise to Junction, point 004 elevation 800 ft. Average grade 14%.